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The best, softest fashionable T-Shirts and Hoodies that shout your patriotism and love for America!

- is what makes us whole.

Buy what makes you an American! Bringing your Patriotic soul the medicine of Daily leisure fashion!

Buy what expresses your patriotism for American! Bringing your Patriotic soul the medicine of timeless fashion!

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Being beautiful, classy, and influencing is good! But #beingPatriotic is what makes the heart of our Great Country beat! Show your support for the Brave men and woman who stand up and defend our country every day! Love your country, as you love your body with our awesome T-shirts, Hoodies, jewelry and more!

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Every soul has a body, and everybody has a Country to serve! We are here to help support your patriotism through your clothing and give you a voice everywhere you go!

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YES!!! Our shirts are all proudly designed and made right here in the USA, just outside Cincinnati Ohio!!!

Not only does it feed your patriotic soul, but it also lets you flaunt it to the masses. Our items are timeless and made with premium quality fabric that are soft and skin friendly! It is an excellent way of displaying your respect to our Wonderful Constitution and military. This not only inspires others but also makes you feel like a red, white, and blue constitutional loving billboard!!

Mel’s Crew knows that when you give us, or anyone for that matter, your hard-earned money, you want the items as quickly as possible! We strive to be as quick as possible fulfilling your orders and getting them to your door in a snap! Mel’s Crew is open 6 days a week and rests on Sunday. When we receive your orders, we start working right away, day and night, to get it shipped out as quickly as possible, with most items shipped the same or within one business day.


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